Comprehensive Assessment Kit

Designed specifically for Pediatric Occupational Therapists and other professionals working in the field of special education, this comprehensive kit allows the teacher and/or therapist to assess their students, with the different styles of adapted scissors, and identify the most appropriate.

Kit includes: 1-Right Handed Standard Ease-Grip® , 1-Left Handed Standardize-Grip® , 1-Mini Ease-Grip® , 1-Right Handed Long Loop Ease-Grip® , 1-LeftHanded Long Loop easy-Grip® , 1-Right Handed Self-Opening Scissor, 1-LeftHanded Self Opening Scissor, 1-Right Handed Dual Control Training Scissor,1-Left Handed Dual Control Training Scissor, 1-Right Handed Long Loop Scissor, 1-Left Handed Long Loop Scissor, 1-Right Handed Long Loop Self-opening Scissor, 1-Left Handed Long Loop Self Opening Scissor, 1-PushDown Table Top Scissor, 1-Table Top Scissor with Wooden Base, and guidance notes for scissors packaged in a hard case.