Brown Cotton Small Weighted Blanket (4 pounds)

Peace Weighted Products Brown cotton weighted blanket (4 pounds)

This weighted blanket will be custom sewn. Please allow 10 business days for completion.

--Size: approx. 35"-38" wide x approx. 36"-39" long (varies by pattern and bolt)(about 3 feet long...designed to sit on top of the mattress without hanging over the sides to help prevent the blanket from sliding off)

--Top Fabric: Brown 100% cotton

--Bottom Fabric: Brown 100% cotton

Weighted: 4 lbs. with new, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, non-BPA, plastic pellets

--Odor free: Peace Weighted Products does not use recycled pellets. Recycled pellets have an odor that will never go away. We do not use sand or organic materials like rice or grains. They are not machine washable and will harbor bacteria and be an allergen.

--The weight will be balanced throughout the weighted blanket in 60+ squared off pockets so that when the weight moves, it will not shift to other parts of the blanket. The pocket sizes are smaller than many blankets which allows it to better conform to your body.

--There is no Extra Lining / Padding in this weighted blanket making it ideal for summer and winter use.

--Made in the USA.

How much weight? To best determine the correct weight, we suggest you work with your doctor or Occupational Therapist. The user of the blanket must be able to remove the blanket without assistance, and weighted blankets should not be used for children under 3 years old.

--A general guideline that seems to work for most people is to first choose a blanket size that fits your body (not the bed size), and then weight the blanket 10% of your weight plus or minus a pound.

--We have found that older adults tend to prefer lighter weight.

--People with circulatory concerns need to consult a doctor before ordering any weighted products.

The fabric is 100% medium weight quilters cotton.

This fabric is of the highest quality for blankets. The fabric is medium weight (Canvas and Denim are considered heavy weight fabric, and T-shirts are considered light weight fabric). It allows for breathe-ability.

The outside blanket seams are double stitched. This provides extra durability on the edges where most of the wear occurs.

Washing Instructions:

--Machine wash cold alone.

--Machine dry warm with a load of dry towels to prevent the blanket from banging around, or line dry.

--We recommend using commercial machines for blankets weighing over 15 pounds.

--The starch that is used in the blanket from the fabric manufacturer may be grain based and thus contain gluten. Please wash first if you are sensitive to gluten.

--The weighted blanket may have some left over mark lines on it from making the blanket. These will wash out.

Warranty: Try it and if you're not happy, you can return it for an exchange or refund within 30 days of receipt. The only cost is the return shipping.