Custom Hospital Gowns - all sizes

We make hospital gowns in all sizes, infants to adults. We keep several prints in stock in each size, but most of our gowns are custom made using fabric chosen by the recipient.

This gown features snaps at each shoulder in different colors to make snapping the gown a bit easier - just match colors! The gown also snaps down the front - or back. It is exactly the same front and back, so you can choose what makes sense for you - snapping down the back, or snapping in the front. We do NOT use ties - our personal experience has been that the ties are a giant pain in a hospital bed. Similarly, there's no hook and loop tape (Velcro or similar) to scratch or stick to blankets. The snaps are plastic so the gown won't interfere with testing or procedures (like X-rays).

The gowns are roomy enough to be comfortable without being so big that they slide off the shoulders.