IV Bag Cover


We heard from several customers who were using our insulated feeding pump bag covers on their IV bags, but it was less than ideal, as the snaps that work so well at holding an ice pack and allowing access to a feeding pump bag were confusing and unnecessary for IV bags.

So, voila - IV bag covers.

These covers are just one layer of cotton and they merely drape over the IV bag - no snaps, no closures at all. The bottom is completely open to allow easy access for nurses and caregivers, and the cover slips right off when it's time to change the bag. The covers are generously sized to fit a variety of IV bag sizes. The small size will fit the shorter IV bags well (250/500 mL size - we've typically had medications in this size bag) and the Large size is meant for the larger bags (1000 mL - we've usually had this size for hydration, such as saline). If in doubt, the Large cover should fit any IV bag.

Please note that these covers are not meant to be snug. They are roomy and hang below the bag's length to ensure full coverage. The cover can easily be folded up if less coverage is desired. If nurses/doctors/caregivers prefer to be able to see the bottom of the bag, it may simply be folded up.

Why an IV bag cover? Well, it's more fun than an IV bag, for one. They brighten a boring hospital room, personalize your IV cart, and bring some fun to a typically mundane stay in a hospital. For those on home IV, they're a fun way to bring some pizzaz to your routine and keep your home looking like a home, not a hospital.

Additionally, some people can be scared or upset by the contents of their IV bag (particularly blood products) - this covers that up. (If you really don't want to see it, add one of our Cord Keepers to hide the tubing and you're set!)

And it helps protect your privacy - while walking from one place to another in the hospital, no need for everyone to see your name and your IV prescription. Just cover them up!