Insulated Feeding Pump Bag Connector

*Why pay more for something far less functional?*

I made my son's first Feeding Pump Bag Cover when he was about a year old - and I don't know why I waited so long! He just turned 6 and we've used an insulated cover nearly every day since that first one.

Our Feeding Pump Bag Covers are such simple devices that make life so much easier. They are insulated to help keep your feed and ice pack cold and they're roomy enough to hold both a full feeding bag and an ice pack of reasonable size. They'll fit inside your backpack - or any other bag.

"I used the bag last night and put [a few small] ice packs in there... I filled up her bag to the top last night and the bit that was in there yet this morning was ICE COLD! Awesome, thank you so much! It eliminates my needing to get up every few hours to add formula!" - a recent customer.

"I slept through the night for the first time last night with your insulated cover to keep my son's feed cold. I feel like a new woman!!! Thank you thank you!!!!!" - Mandy M.


These bags come in two sizes: Medium and Large.

Size Medium will fit BOTH Kangaroo brand 500 mL size bags AND Infinity brand 500 mL size, or similar. It will accommodate bags up to 7 inches wide and 9 inches tall.

Size Large will fit Infinity 1200 mL bags, Kangaroo 1000 mL size bags, or similar. Large will also fit the Kangaroo 500 mL bags nicely with just a bit of extra cover. It will accommodate bags up to 7 inches wide and 15 inches tall. (If you use both 500 mL and 1200 mL Infinity bags, please message me about ways to adapt the Large cover to better fit your 500 mL bags.)

(We don't stock size small covers any more, but will make them custom upon request. Small covers are an inch shorter then Mediums and will fit only Infinity 500 mL.)


Our Feeding Pump Bag Covers snap ALL the way around, opening completely flat. This means no need to string the tubing through a small opening in the bag - and it means you can wrap the cover around a bag that's already running. (I know that sounds like a small thing, but it's my favorite part of these covers, and customers consistently return comments like "oh, it was sooooo nice to not have to feed the tubing through a hole in the cover!")

Best of all, we made our Feeding Pump Bag Covers versatile to fit multiple brands of feeding pump bags. Most other insulated covers are intended for just one brand of feeding pump - but that doesn't work for MY family. At home, we use an Infinity pump, but during hospital stays, we use the hospital's Kangaroo pumps. So, we designed our Covers to fit both.


Technical details: The insulating material is a high quality, densely-woven fleece by Malden Mills. This stuff insulates better than lunchbags and oven mitts. Our experience and that of our testers and customers has been that these bags plus a decent quality ice pack will keep a feed cold for an entire day or an entire night. We do not have air conditioning at our house, and have kept a feed refrigerator-cool all night with an ice pack and this bag. Please Note: You *must* use an ice pack with this bag if you want to keep your feed chilled for more than an hour or so. It is not a refrigerator. :)

The inside surface of the bag is flannel, not waterproof fabric. The flannel absorbs the condensation from your feed and ice pack, bringing an end to bothersome dripping. (One tester said, "I was surprised to find flannel inside the bag - I've only used waterproof bags - but then I noticed that this bag didn't drip condensation like our other bag does. NICE!")

Our insulated bags also do NOT have a pocket for an ice pack. This means better cooling for your feed, and also lets you use whatever size ice pack you have on hand while giving your bag a longer life (fewer opportunities to tear the bag's interior). (A customer reports, "Initially, I thought I would end up wanting a pocket for the ice pack. And then I looked in my freezer. We have a variety of ice packs, and I tend to grab whatever's handy. I decided it was nice to not have to dig around for an ice pack that was big enough to keep the feed cold but small enough to fit in a pocket. And, honestly, I like having the ice pack directly touching the feed." One of our early testers responded, "Our other brand insulated bag has a pocket for the ice pack, but I rarely use it, preferring to just throw the ice pack into the bag.") If you PREFER a pocket for the ice pack, we can certainly make you a bag with a pocket - just click on the "Request a Custom Order" link above.

Not every snap position will be used in every situation. Snap the cover around your feeding pump bag however it works for your set-up. Most people find that they prefer to use the hang loop inside the cover for Infinity bags, while they don't use the inside hang loop for Kangaroo - but however you use it is up to you. If you find you're not