Navy Chewy Holder & Strap- 2 Pack- Holds Favorite Chewies

FREE SHIPPING: This Is A 2 Pack Set- You Get 2 Lanyards & 2 Straps-

"KEEPS YOUR CHILD'S FAVORITE CHEWIES READY FOR USE- Chewy Holders Keep Your Child's Favorite Chewy With Them All Day Long. They Hold The Most Popular Chews Out There Like Chewy Tubes, ARK Grabbers, Sensory University Chew Stixx, And Others. You Never Know When They Will Need The Chewable And You Never Know When A Staff Will Need To Have The Chew In A Situation Where Someone Could Get Bit. Chewy Holders Provide A Sense Of Security For The Child As Well As For Staff Caring For Your Child.

" KEEPS CHEWIES CLEAN AND SANITARY- Chewy Holders Keep Your Child's Chew Off The Floor, Street And Ground. This Is Really Important Since Your Child Puts Their Chew Toy In Their Mouth. This Also Helps To Keep The Child From Throwing Their Chewable At Other Kids Or Staff.

" KEEPS CHEWIES FROM GETTING LOST- Countless Chew Toys Have Ended Up Under Sofas, Out Car Windows, Taken By Other Children, etc. Chewy Holders Insure That The Chewy Stays With Your Child.

" SAFETY FOCUS- All chubuddy Chewy Holders Are Made From BPA-Free, Latex-Free, Phthalates-Free, PVC-Free, Lead-Free, Non-Toxic Materials-

" 100% WARRANTEED- All chubuddy Chewy Holder Products Are Backed By Our 100% Money-Back Warranty

Chubuddy chewy holders keep your child's favorite, trusted chew toys clean, ready and available for use whenever the need arises. This keeps your child calmer, more regulated, creating a better, safer environment for the child and their caregivers, teachers and medical staff. Having the ability to self-regulate and calm themselves orally is a very important coping mechanism which will increase the child's focus, sense of control and increase their ability to maintain focus and achieve their educational and social tasks for the day.

The navy chewy holder is 7" long, has a spring clip on one end to fasten to your child's shirt or collar and a c-clip ring to hold the natural strap and chewy of your child's choice.

Chubuddy uses materials that are BPA-Free, Phthalates-Free, Lead-Free, Latex-Free, PVC-Free and Non-Toxic. This includes the imprinting inks that are used on the lanyards too.

You can clean the lanyards with warm soap and water and dry immediately after washing. If a dishwasher is used, dry the metal parts immediately after washing to avoid rusting of parts.

How do I know which tether or lanyard is right for my child?

Just like picking out chew toys, you likely will need to try the different tether, lanyard and holder options and find out which one is preferred by your child. For instance, one child may love their chewy on their shoulder while another finds it uncomfortable. There are also children that have sensory issues with items placed around their neck. A shoulder tether may be a perfect solution for this child.

Chubuddy understands. Our son is the reason we started building chewies 10 years ago. We make chewies for every kind of chewer. It is our sincere hope that our products will make life for your child and your family better as it has for ours.