Soccer Ball SentioCHEWS

Our most Popular Chewable! A great chewable necklace for home, play and school! From the makers of the original KidCompanions Chewelry (2007).

Parents of aggressive chewers wanted a durable chewable pendant that was still cool and small enough to be discreet. Our SentioCHEWS Chubby Star is more durable than competing products on the market that are made of imported silicone.

This new TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) material is FDA approved and was developed in Massachusetts, US. It is also BPA, latex and metal free and we follow ASTM safety standards (TOYS -material safety; CORDS -safe lengths and breakaway claps; TEETHERS -made to pass size standards).

SentioCHEWS 24 inch mini-paracord breakaways are tough and great for most youth. These have safety breakaways clasps and are also made in Ohio, USA.

OTHER PRODUCT INFORMATION: Please note that pendants will wear sooner with aggressive chewing.