Sensory Hugs Weighted Vests - X-Small - E08935

The concept of the weighted vest is based on the sensory integration therapy technique of deep pressure. Weight and deep pressure is often used to assist the child to self-calm and relax so that sensory stimulus can be processed. The use of a weighted vest provides the child with unconscious information from the muscles and joints.

Children who are easily distracted, hyperactive and lacking in concentration respond positively to the additional weight a vest provides. Therapists have found a weighted vest may also assist with reflex maturity, body position awareness and coordination, balance, eye/hand coordination, spatial perception and hearing and speaking skills. Because of these anecdotal outcomes, many therapists working with children are recommending the use of a weighted vest.

The Sensory Hugs Weighted Vest comes in five sizes and is designed with both side and shoulder openings allowing great flexibility in size adjustments. The weight sets consist of 1/8 lb., 1/4 lb. or 1/2 lb. packets allowing the weight packs to be evenly distributed within the 8 pockets located along the bottom of the vest. Velcro closures help secure the weights within these pockets. Additional weight packs are sold separately. A decrease in length may also be obtained by folding the pocket section up, and securing it to a hidden section of Velcro located half way up the inside of the vest. Our fabric also serves as a backdrop for communication symbols or devices, by attaching hook and loop to the symbol or objects.


Size: X-Small

Chest Circumference: Up to 24"

Should to Waist: 12" - 16"L

Weights: 2 lbs