Tactile Tag Weighted Ball

Why use a weighted ball? Is your child a wiggle worm? Does your child have difficulty staying put in a chair? Does it seem as if the chair has springs on the seat because your child always jumps right off? Innate hyperactivity and attention difficulties keep children with ADHD and Autism out of their chairs and on the move. These children are unable to adequately sense the chair against their bodies. Therefore, they do not feel properly grounded. Instead, they feel extremely insecure. The use of a weighted ball will help your child feel the deep pressure of the chair or seating surface and want to stay still. Some children enjoy the weighted ball on their chest or back when going to sleep.

By adding tags to this product your child receives all of the above benefits plus the tactile input that he or she may seek.

Weighted balls unlike lap pads or blankets can also be used for exciting fun games with the children.  This makes therapy a more fun and interactive experience that your child will love.

This product is even more effective when used in combination with a Move n Sit or Disc O Sit inflatable seat cushion.

Measures 13" x 13" and weighs 3lbs.

Product does contain polly pellets as a weighting agent and should not be used as an oral device. If product is ripped or shows any sign of damage, it should be discarded immediately as it will pose a choking hazard for small children.