Weplay Twinkle Stones

Weplay Twinkle Stones is a 2-in-1 balance training product which contains Star, Stone and Ball to be used as a set or separately for multiple activities. Both Stone and Star can be placed on either side for different challenging levels to develop body coordination by performing weight-shifting exercises. Ball rolling activity along the Star track could also help children to build muscle control and promote the stability on hands. Star, Stone and Ball could be stored together while not in use.

Product Features

- Perform weight shifiting exercises with a single foot or both feet to help with balance

- Create a path and move forward to improve gross motor coordination

- Hold the star and keep the ball rolling along the track to build muscle control and promote hand stability

- Spinning while sitting on the stones encourages vestibular development

- Each set contains 3 stones, stars, and balls.

- Ages: 3+