Weplay Maze Balance Board

The Weplay® Maze Balance Board is a balance board with a special inner track that has a ball. Children can improve balance, coordination, and eye-hand coordination by controlling the movement of the ball through the Maze Balance Board. The challenge is to move a ball around the top of the balance board. This Balance Board is an intermediate level board. It helps to develop balance and coordination at a higher level compared to the circular board.

It provides three different ways to play. Start by using the board on a table or floor to move the ball through the maze by hand. Advance to holding the board and maneuver the ball through the maze without dropping it. Then try the ultimate challenge – stand on the board and maneuver the ball by shifting your weight! Develop balance and coordination by challenging your child to stand on top of it and make the ball roll along the patterned orbit by moving his body back and forth. Excellent exercise for coordination and muscle building. Children will improve strength and balance. It also develops thinking skills.

WePlay® Maze Balance Board Features include:

Includes 1 board and 2 balls

Colors may vary.

Made of PE

Made in Taiwan

Measures approximately 21" long x 16" wide x 1" high.

Weight Limit: 176 lbs.

Lightweight and easy to move, carry or assemble.

For ages: 3 years old and up

Warranty is at the manufacturer's discretion