AngelSense GPS Tracker

The only GPS designed for the special needs community. Proven solution for wandering, bullying & mistreatment.

Enjoy added benefits of social skill building, improved communication, smoother bus rides and transitions, increased in dependence & peace of mind for you.

-Runner mode: A must for wanderers. Share your child’s real time location with your trusted first responders, family, friends, teachers & neighbors to quickly bring your child home safe.

-Late Departure Warning: Get alerted immediately if your child isn’t on his bus or carpool.

-Listen- In: Hear who your child is with. Make sure your child is well and is being well-treated.

-AngelCall: Speak to your child anytime. Requires no action on your child’s end. Keep your child calm & guide them through transitions, or unexpected changes in routine. Option to add loved ones to call as well.

-Sensory friendly design: Unlike watches, AngelSense has multiple wearing options, & accessories are designed for sensory sensitivity. Tamper proof design ensures your child cannot remove or destroy the device.

-Indoor search: The indoor solution for wandering. Use Wi-Fi hotspots to find your child in a mall, school, or any large indoor facility.

-Alarm: Locate your child when nearby in a crowd or when hiding

-Customer Support from autism moms who use AngelSense with their own children. When you contact us, we understand you and your needs.