Weplay Rocking Bowl Clear

The Weplay Rocking Bowl Clear allows kids to climb, hide, rock, and balance in a safe and inviting way. The wave designed edge provides children with areas to grab without the threat of being pinched. The patterned inside gives the product an anti-slip area and a visual focus. The bottom is designed with a smooth curve to allow the bowl to rock in all directions.

• The bottom is designed with a smooth curve to provide best safety.

• The ripple lines inside the Bowl not only make the Bowl beautiful but serve as anti-slip function.

• Proper size for one or two children to sit in together.

• The wavy edge provides children with air circulation when it is turned upside down.

• Good for stretching exercise when it is turned upside down.

• Enhance the development of vestibular balance.

• Improve motor coordination.

• Assist children to practice the control of stability.

• Provide proper vestibular stimulation.

• Help develop social interaction skills and teamwork.

• Maximum Weight: 88 lbs

• Dimension 72cm / Depth 32cm