WePlay® Reflector Cube Set

This set features 6 different cubes, each with a different type of mirror surface. Children will learn how these different mirrors reflect different images, providing some laughs, too! Great for creative play, building imagination, visual exploration and fulfilling interest in mirrors. From the distortion of images in the mirror (i.e. faces appear extremely wide or narrow).

Children will not only have a good laugh but also learn about the basic concepts of physics. Fulfills children's imagination through well planned visual exploration and drama games. Great for waiting areas and places where kids gather to play together.

• Set of 6 anti-shatter mirrored blocks: 2 yellow, 2 pink & 2 Green

• Easy to assemble and take apart.

• Made of safe and durable high quality mold-in-mirrors

• Dimensions:16 x 16" x 2" per cube

• Applicable age: 6 months & up