Support Pillow (Yogibo Bean Bag)

This Support Pillow can be used a variety of ways. Toss it on the ground in front of TV for a gaming or reclined theater seat. Place it on your bed for sitting up & reading. Finally place it on top of a Yogi Mini & it is the perfect size for a mini sofa. The Yogi Support has an outer cover made of mostly soft natural cotton & some stretchy Spandex. The Inner Cover has special micro beads. Available in a variety of colors! Please note some color options may be out of stock U.S delivery can take up to 10 days.

The Yogibo support pillows are the ultimate Yogibo lounge bag accessory. Position them as you please to accommodate a variety of relaxing sitting positions. On the Yogi Midi or Max it can be placed on the end for your new favorite chaise lounge. Together with the Yogibo Mini, it creates a Yogibo Couch, an ultra-comfortable, form-fitting and supportive chair.

The Yogi Support Features:

- Good Back Support Makes a Great Lap Reading Desk

- Perfectly sized for placing on the Yogi Mini

- Removable Machine Washable Cover

-The Pillow measure 30 X 37 X 12 inches high.

-A new generation of back support pillow.

- Great for reading and watching TV.

- Perfectly sized for any Yogibo to create a great armchair