Tactile Sand & Water Table

Exploring with water & sand is a fantastic way to stimulate a child's sense of touch & promote sharing & tactile interaction. The Clear Sand & Water Table can easily be moved inside or out due to convenient lockable wheels attached to the height-adjustable legs. A specially designed drainage tap allows you to adjust the flow of water, or it can be removed completely for the fastest draining option.

The tub can be lifted right out for easy cleaning, the lid fits snuggly, & easily on the removable tub, or it can be placed underneath on the rack and used as a shelf. The lid can also be used as a writing or drawing surface when filled with sand, or a storage shelf when placed underneath the tub on the rack.

Stimulate children's sense of touch and calm their emotion down. Help children learn the essence of sand and water. Promote sharing and interaction among children. Allow children to discover the joys of creativity and role-playing. For up to 6 children, ages 2.5 and up