Wavy Tactile Walking Path

Designed for children so that the patterns & width of the boards offer tactile sensory intensity, while creating a more realistic "natural" experience. The set can be arranged into curvy or linear patterns. The slight slopes offer front to back & right to left balance. This activity enhances muscle development & tactile stimulation. It progresses vestibular balance & movement coordination.

The Tactile Path progresses emotions, enhances concentration, improves self-confidence, learning ability. It develops action & aids children in adapting to new environments through play. Allows activity that encourages spatial concepts through creating & constructing the path & great for ergonomics of the foot arch.

-Dimensions: 27" x 7" - Components: 8 pcs Set.

-Maximum Weight: 176 lbs -Suitable age: 1 year & up

-Available in Blue or Green