Rainbow River Stones

Weplay River Stones offers fun activities with the colorful components. Simple components allow various free-style route designs. Each size of stone has different slopes. Stacking one over the over to create different challenges for users with different sensory needs. Enhances the stimulation of vestibular balance and promotes coordination.

The Dot, line and concentric circle patterns on the stone surface bring different tactile sensory. Has anti-slip surface and bottom edge offer best stability and safety. Allows easy storage with a hand-carry bag. Enhances motor skills and balance coordination while having fun. Activate tactile perception from sole stimulation when playing barefooted. Enriches action planning ability when arranging the play routes. Improves self-confidence, reaction capability and learning power via challenges. Helps children adapt to the environment.

Contains: Large (2 pcs.) Diameter 16" Maximum Stone Height 5", Medium (2 pcs.) Diameter 14" Maximum Stone Height 6", Small (2 pcs.) Diameter 11" Maximum Stone Height 3", Maximum Height w/3 Stacked Stones: Approx. 11.5".