Cookie Festival Building Set (Stacking & Balancing)

The WePlay® Cookie Festival is a special set of stackable cookiemen for creative building fun by kids! If you're looking for unique building set this is the one to get. Kids love building and this set wants to be part of their construction fun. These colourful, stackable cookiemen provide unlimited opportunities for stacking games and activities through which children can enhance their fine movement stability skills. The unique banana base design can be used as rocking bar to add stacking fun to increase children's symmetry and balance concepts. The edges of the cookiemen are designed jagged to stack easily. Interchangeable lids are great for mix and match games and coloring games. Set has 16 cookiemen and 1 banana base.

Create lots of interesting games with your children or class! Some creative ideas include: Changing the outer cover of the the Cookiemen allows children to practice their fine motor-skills. Putting beads, marbles, seeds, beams or other materials into the Cookiemen can turn them into a sound blocker. It also affects the weight of each Cookiemen teach them balancing games and basic mathematical concepts. Also create interesting stacking games and contests with the Set.

The WePlay® Cookie Festival Set Contains:

The set consists of the following:

-Cookiemen are 3" x 3.1" x .7"(16 pieces) -Apple Green Lid (4 pieces)

-Cheese Yellow Lid (4 pieces) -Milk White Lid (4 pieces)

-Strawberry Red Lid (4 pieces) -Dark Brown Box (8 pieces)

-Light Brown Box (8 pieces) -Banana Base is 8.2" x 4" x 2" (1 piece)

-Guide Book (1 book) -For ages: 2 years & up