Icy Ice Building Set (56 piece)

Weplay® Icy Building Set gives kids a multitude of ways to construct ice sculptures! The set uses ice blocks for children to build and explore. These high-quality hollow large plastic blocks create a visual three-dimensionally stimulating platform for kids that allows unlimited creations with open-ended play. Has 2 sizes of icy ice blocks in 4 colors. These snowflake-shaped rings connect in three dimensions to encourage spacial development with lots of fun along the way. A great tactile and sensory experience for special needs children.

The small snowflake shaped blocks with elaborate angle design offers the possibility of infinite combinations. You can assemble a small block into the center of a large block for more imaginative displays. The beautiful muli-sized blocks connect securely to each other for endless possibilities of free creation. The inter-locking design allows blocks to lock into place for easy and efficient storage.

Play Value:

Develops creativity, spatial awareness and visual thinking, enhances hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while assembling and constructing blocks. Encourages visual/spacial experiences with 2D and 3D constructions Icy Ice Blocks allow children to build and explore through limitless combinations for pretend play.

Includes 56 rings total

-28 - Large Icy Ice Blocks 8.9" (22cm) X .86" (2.2cm) (7 pieces of each color: blue, green, orange & white)

-28 - Small Icy Ice Blocks 3.9" (10cm) X .59" (1.5cm) (7 pieces of each color: blue, green, orange & white)

-Material includes TPE

-Recommended for ages 2 years and up