Ribcap Baseball Cap Waterproof | Special needs helmet

Have you ever thought of a baseball cap acting as a soft helmet? RibCap brings the dream of meeting your needs into practice by introducing the modern and soft protective Baseball Caps. If you are a subject of epilepsy, autism, RibCap’s Baseball Caps are best suitable for your everyday use. Choose your favorite color from among a collection refreshing and decent ones.


The unique collection of soft protective helmets in the form of Baseball Caps finds a variety of benefits. From daily use of these fashionable baseball caps to using them as a head protection for epilepsy, autism or general seizures, RibCap’s Baseball Caps’ collection is a perfect selection for your daily use. These baseball caps with their premium looks and exclusive soft protective feature are the best mix of safety and superior style. RibCap’s Baseball Cap Platin is fully waterproof. All baseball caps have Coolmax moisture-wicking fabric integrated to keep the temperature optimal for consumers, enabling them live in comfort, confidence, and style altogether

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