Chewable Retractable Bite Buddies

The all new Sensory University Bite Buddies system is completely molded from the same safe material that our Chew Stixx Product has been made from for years. This product is completely FDA approved and contains no BP or Phthalates. Each order comes with one of hundreds of shapes (shipped at random to promote fair collecting) and one retractable belt clip. Each belt clip can hold up to 4 shapes and can be combined in endless combinations. Adding additional key rings provides room for additional pendants. Some children carry 20 or 30 at a time. If your child seeks sensory input through grinding or chewing on items that could be hazardous to their well being, this product is for them. We have had thousands of request for the ability to attach our chew products to a child's neck, clothing, belt, etc. in order to prevent exposure to dirt, and loss of the product. The Sensory University has now created a safe method to both protect your child's chew device, and keep it from being dropped on the floor, dirt, sink, etc. The all new Bite Buddies are fun to collect, and offer a not so obvious chew device that your child won't be embarrassed of, but will be proud to carry. Even though this product is being allowed in most schools, we will be happy to provide an Occupational Therapist signed letter stating that this is not a toy but a calming Oral Motor Device and that should be allowed in your child's classroom.


Ages 3 and up. BP, latex and Phthalate free material, coloring, and flavor. FDA approved materials and dishwasher safe.