Ez Undeez Toddler Training Robots Briefs

Ez Undeez are comfortable pull up potty training underwear for toddlers. Our training pants are made with breathable naturally absorbent materials that help reduce diaper rash without the use of super absorbent gels or harsh chemicals. Our water resistant padding prevents leakage and keeps your toddler clean. All of our underwear come with ‘Ez Undeez Technology’, featuring our embroidered oval handles sewn into our super soft wide waist band for your toddlers extra comfort. This unique patented feature allows your child to pull up his or her underwear easily and straight each and every time.

• 2 pair Pack

• Available in the following sizes: (Type in or call us for size selection.)

• 2T , 3T

• Breathable absorbent padded layer to help prevent leakage 

• Naturally absorbent, NO gels or harsh chemicals

• Pull up handles • Soft wide waist band • Tag-free

• 95% Cotton • 5% Spandex