Mini Roller XL the Newest Fidget on the Market-3 pack

The Mini Roller XL was designed from the Original Mini Roller, but larger to accommodate larger hands! Due to the alternating textures on the outside of each disc, its user obtains an instant calming effect by rolling them between his or her fingers. Unit is roughly the size of two poker chips put together so it can easily tuck away in hand to avoid embarrassing attention. Works great in the office, the car, school, church, or anywhere fidgeting or anxiety become an issue. Each order comes with 3 fidgets so keep one in the car, one in the office, one at school, one at home, etc.  Ages over 3 due to size and choking hazard.

•  Gently clean with soap and warm water to prevent bacteria build up

•  Roll between fingers for instant Sensory Stimulation