body sock xlarge - Lycra -for sensory input

Extra large Lycra body sock.

The body sock is excellent for providing calming deep pressure input and for developing spatial and body awareness.

It helps the kids to explore the three-dimensional space they occupy and help with spacial awareness through balance and resistance. Great for kids who seek deep pressure.

A wonderful OT tool for kids who have autism, ADHD, or sensory integration challenges.

Made of a machine washable, 4 way stretchy Lycra material. The best size is as close as possible or slightly shorter than the child's height.

(Fits approx. 66-73")

machine was cold and line dry

Extra large 67". long x 31"wide


pick your color

Body Socks are translucent, tubular sleeves, made of high quality Lycra Spandex material.

Body Socks provide fun playtime, dance and exercise activity for children (even adults).

Children with developmental delays or sensory disabilities can use Body Socks to improve their skills.

The Body Sock pushes back against the child's movement. This helps children with coordination and

spatial awareness. The Body Sock is a wonderful therapeutic experience that children tend to LOVE!

The stretchable Body Sock provides a proprioceptive and deep pressure touch experience like

no other. Enjoy the immediate feeling of calmness as the Body Sock gives you a comforting and gentle hug.