Ribcap | Soft protective helmet | special needs & lifestyle

Ribcap soft protection helmets are uniquely designed for multiple purposes, reducing the risk of traumatic brain injury for people with medical challenges, special needs or for your ideal lifestyle head protection anywhere, at any time.


Use your Ribcap as a general safety helmet, autism helmet, seizure helmet, epilepsy helmet, & more!

Non-stigmatising special needs Helmet

Ribcap provides head protective helmets for daily life usage that are non-stigmatising. We use unique, shock absorbing foam inside a fashionable hat. We offer trend on coloured beanies and baseball caps, amongst many others, that not only look like an everyday hat, they’re safe for the wearer. Ribcap is taking away the stigma from wearing bulky headgear.

Unique features

• Shock absorbting capacity: a thick, breathable and shock absorbing foam to reduce the force of impact and preventing head injury.

• Ventilation and Cooling: Allowing users to wear the Ribcap soft protective helmet in any setting, allowing air to flow throughout and prevent the wearer from enduring any extra heat.

• Quick Dry: Extra air ventilation material is used to optimize the drying process.

• Water proof and : made of water resistant materials for both indoorand outdoor usage and of a unique texture, allowing users to properly handle their protevtive helmet a in good hygienic conditions.

• flexibilty: All Ribcap soft protection helmets are foldable and very easy to take along on your daily trips.

• Chin straps included: Each Ribcap soft protection helmet is provided with a removable chin guard that allows for extra protection when needed.