SensoSphere - Learning Aid

This Desktop unit using patented ‘Light Modulation’ technology is designed specifically to create a new Therapeutic Learning Environment for all students doing homework assignments and tutoring schools. Our classroom Case Studies demonstrate dynamic behavior changes for all students including diagnosed ASD and similar spectrum children. Those behavior characteristics include Self-regulation (breakdowns), Social adaptability, hyperactivity, learning energy, academic improvement, and calmness among others.

The degree of behavior changes varies for all individuals due to the large spectrum of disorders and levels. You can visit our Website home page under TEACHER EXCERPTS and PARENT EXCERPTS to view many more results.

This Color Light Therapy unit is programmed specifically with three modes of operation. Those include Balance Mode in the Theta brainwave range of (4-8Hz), Relaxation Mode of Alpha range of (8-12Hz) and Sleep Mode in the Delta range of deep sleep (1-4Hz). This Mode delicately lulls you towards a deep and restful sleep. Creating a soft and soothing mood, it can be beneficial for insomnia. It reduces the deep blue color to levels low enough to avoid any potential suppression of melatonin, our “sleep hormone”, an effect known to be capable of disrupting our circadian rhythm.

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Dimensions of SensoSphere - 'LearningAid' is as follows:

• Base: 9" by 9" wide

• Sphere: 12" diameter