Ned the Weighted Neck Dog

Ned can be used as a weighted lap pad or a weighted neck weight. The use of this item on a daily basis helps improve concentration skills as well as providing a sense of gravitational awareness that helps your child stay in one place for longer periods of time. Ned is great during homework time, or to be used in school, church, or anywhere that your child needs help staying in place.

Ned is made from a washable stain resistant fabric that simulates a dogs fur, and his ears are filled with a sensory intensive crinkle material that will keep your child coming back for more. Ned is filled with 3 pounds of bacteria and water resistant poly pellets that will withstand daily use.

Poly pellets are non toxic but can be a choking hazard if this product is used in a damaged state. Please replace at first sign of wear or damage, or if any holes are visible in exterior.