Jooki - The Music Player for Kids

Jooki is a music player that kids can independently use in screen-free environment. It uses figurines or customisable tokens to allow kids to identify what they want to listen to. Upload your own content for offline use or listen online to your favourite Spotify playlists or web radios.

Jooki was designed primarily for young kids. However a test project with the Belgian public broadcaster showed that the device also has a lot of value for Exceptional People. Check out the video below.

Main features:

- Figurines and Tokens: These allow kids to trigger their tunes independently.

- Designed for Kids: Rugged, splash-proof and toy-safety certified

- Adult Audio Quality: Not only do kids deserve good sound, parents usually listen too...

- Rechargeable Battery: Ultimate mobility, no wires and no battery costs.

- Spotify Connect support: direct playback of Spotify playlists without kids needing a phone or tablet

- Playback from SD: Can play back MP3/AAC/... files from an SD card

- Web Radio playback: Link online radio stations to your characters

- Parents App: For remote control and playlist management only, no phone/tablet needed when kids use it.

- Wifi enabled speaker with radio-off/airplane mode

Note: Spotify playback requires a Spotify Premium or Family account and an active internet connection.