4 pound Blue Weighted Lap Pad / Lap Blanket

Peace Weighted Products Blue weighted lap pad (4 pounds)

This lap pad will be sewn from scratch. Please allow 10 days for completion.

--Size: approx. 19"-21" wide x approx. 11"-13" long (designed to sit on a person's lap)

--Top Fabric: Blue 100% cotton

--Bottom Fabric: Coordinating Blue FLEECE. Fleece helps keep the lap pad from sliding off.

--Weighted: 4 lbs. with new Aquarium Gravel

--Odor free: Peace Weighted Products does not use sand or organic materials like rice or grains. They are not machine washable and will harbor bacteria and be an allergen.

--The weight is balanced throughout the lap pad in 15 squared off pockets so that when the weight moves, it will not shift to other parts of the lap pad. The pocket sizes are smaller than many weighted lap pads which allows it to better conform to your body.

--Made in the USA.

The picture of my adorable son and his 4# Pooh lap pad are for demonstration purposes only. Neither my sweet son nor his lap pad are included in this purchase (just in case you were hoping otherwise). :)

People with circulatory concerns need to consult a doctor before ordering any weighted products.

The outside weighted lap pad seams are double stitched. This provides extra durability on the edges where most of the wear occurs.

Washing Instructions:

Machine wash cold.

Machine dry warm with a load of dry towels to prevent the weighted lap pad from banging around, or line dry.

The starch that is used in the lap pad from the fabric manufacturer may be grain based and thus contain gluten. Please wash first if you are sensitive to gluten.

The weighted lap pad may have some left over mark lines on it from making the lap pad. These will wash out..

Warranty: Try it and if you're not happy, you can return it for an exchange or refund within 30 days of receipt. The only cost is the return shipping.