Syringe Holster - Keep your Liquid Meds Organized and Safe

Do you need to tote liquid medications with you? Have you tried zip-close bags, but been unhappy with the results? Syringe Holster to the rescue!

For Christmas 2011, I made my nieces each a makeup brush holder. My son had just been discharged from the NICU, and we began months and months of weekly clinic visits to the University hospital two hours away. Every trip, I would need to pack his mid-day meds in our diaper bag. I tried a zip-close plastic bag, I tried my reusable snack bags, I tried a small cup, I tried a handful of other things, and none worked particularly well. Driving home from our clinic visit in May, my mind was drifting and I found myself thinking about the gifts I'd made for Christmas. And suddenly, I thought how absolutely PERFECT those makeup brush holders would be if I adapted them slightly for syringes.

And thus was born the Syringe Holster. I love ours, and I'm sure you'll love them, too.

They are made with fun cotton prints, close with ribbon ties, and make giving meds on-the-go so much easier! There are seven compartments in four different widths, with room for 7-12 syringes, depending on the size of your syringes. The far-right compartment is extra wide to accommodate a small bottle of medicine, supplies, a tube of EMLA or steriod cream, or an extra extension set. (If you need more compartments, or use only the wider 10-20 mL syringes, please contact us about having a Holster made just for you. We can also make Holsters for the larger 30-60 mL syringes.)

We know families who use these for everyday use at home, as well, with a separate Holster for each scheduled medicine time.

You'll want to pre-draw your meds and cap your syringes before putting them in the Holster. Roll it up and tie, and it's ready for your diaper bag, purse, backpack, or cooler. I've been known to toss ours in Teddy's feeding pump bag.

For more options or to see our other products for special needs, please look around our Etsy shop as well as our main website at - we love special orders and can create a custom listing for you.