BuckleRoo Seat Belt Buckle Guard

Introducing your new partner in keeping your kids safe during car trips: The BuckleRoo™ Seat Belt Buckle Guard! The BuckleRoo's patented unique design blocks small fingers from pressing the buckle release button during travel, keeping curious or mischievous kids from getting out of their seat and distracting the driver.

To use, simply slip The BuckleRoo™ over the buckle receptacle and connect the seat belt as you normally would. Then, just drive safely knowing The BuckleRoo™ has been designed so even the smallest fingers cannot release the latch. Once you've arrived at your destination, stick your car key into the release slot and disconnect the belt.

The BuckleRoo™ Seat Belt Buckle Guard features shatter-proof plastic construction and a built-in breakaway key for emergencies. Designed with children with emotional or cognitive disabilities in mind, the BuckleRoo™ provides peace of mind to everyone in the car by ensuring the seat belt stays secure until the ride is over.