Ribcap Lenny | Special needs helmet | Seizure | Autism

If you are looking for a protective helmet, get yourself introduced to a fashionable soft protective beanie RibCap Lenny. Head protections have never been as stylish as RibCap’s products, and Lenny suits perfectly to faces of all shapes. Soft protective foam and Coolmax inside the Lenny make it the most fashionable soft protective helmet. Whether you are in need of an autism helmet, epilepsy helmet, or a concussion helmet for general seizures, Lenny delivers all the comfort and style that you need.


Have you ever imagined a general seizure helmet in the form of a stylish beanie? Well, now you can count on your soft helmets to come with style that lets you fit-in into the society. RibCap Lenny has coolmax on the inside which keeps the temperature moderate, removing the possibility of sweating in a slightly cold environment. Coolmax enhances the breathability of soft protective form inside your RibCap Lenny and it escalates the quick dry process. Without any doubt, Lenny is a beanie that you can keep on your head all the time, as a fashionable head protection.