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Welcome to Kaydan Sensory Solutions! We are an E-commerce business dedicated to the advancement and education of children including those children with special needs. The name KAYDAN is derived from the names of our two children KAYleigh and aiDAN. Our passion for the business comes from having our eldest child diagnosed with ASD. We learned quickly from our research about the value of specifically chosen, stimulating toys, educational games, therapy products. A portion of our profit goes towards local children charities.

We have spent a great deal of time and attention acquiring toys, games and therapy products that have the greatest value for all children including those with special needs and / or learning difficulties. We have sorted through thousands of products to find you - our valued customers the best educational, sensory and special needs products.

We offer children, their parents, therapists and teachers stimulating toys, educational games and equipment that are chosen for their explicit benefits to child development. We cover a large spectrum from developing motor skills, audio and visual processing to enhancing cognitive functions. Our Mission is to provide families and institutions such as schools nurseries & IBI centers, with quality, healthy and developmental products. Our Vision is to help maximize brain development and emotional satisfaction through fun and play.

Mirka-Grell Willins M.A is a registered provider of Johansen IAS, an individualized listening therapy program used to help those on the Autism spectrum, Dyslexics and many other learning difficulties. Malcolm Willins B.A is a former Elementary and University teacher.

Our Website is https://www.kaydansensory.com/en/ Our Email [email protected]

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