High 5 for Character


We were dismayed at the daily behaviors exhibited by kids we saw in our communities. We learned, as kids, to be confident and respectful, to care about others, to be honest, and to be grateful for what we had.

We decided to create products to arm parents, caregivers, and teachers with the tools needed in order to develop happy and successful kids.


Kris Yankee and Marian Nelson are passionate about balancing character with academics to foster a well-rounded curriculum for children to grow and become better people with skills that will support them throughout their lives. Their proactive approach is engaging and sustaining. Their goal is to show how their books and resources are easy to use and incorporate throughout the day.

Kris is a mom to two teenage boys and a wife to a loving husband. She is actively involved in the youth ministry at her church and has been a professional editor and writer for over eight years. Her passion for all things character shines through whenever she's asked about High 5 for CharacterTM.

For the last ten years, Marian has been a publisher having the privilege of publishing over 165 titles. Helping people grow to become better individuals has been her life passion. Formerly an educator for nearly twenty years, Marian keeps her focus on the children of the world, actively pursuing concepts of building healthy character.

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Transition was as smooth as glass! Thanks!-p

Pegeen Eggleston about product Are You Grateful Today? 3 years ago.

It's great to have this book as a resource!

Pegeen Eggleston about product Are You Empathetic Today? 3 years ago.