Ez Sox Inc

Eileen & Ronnie Gesser are the innovative parents behind Ez Sox, the world's first training socks for kids and Ez Undeez, the easiest training underwear for toddlers.

Our son was struggling as many young children do with getting dressed in the morning. Putting on his socks was extremely challenging. One day while my husband and I were patiently watching him get dressed, we came up with the idea to sew two little loops on the top of his socks. After sewing the loops on I put a little animal face on the top so he knew which way was up. He immediately pulled up his socks. It's an amazing feeling to see that magical "AHA" moment when your child gets it. He yelled "I can do it".  That's how we created Ez sox , The "I can do it" Sock.

Ez Undeez  is our newest innovative product that helps build your toddlers confidence as they learn to dress themselves. It was quite a challenge to find a factory with the same creative spirit to develop a new concept in underwear. Just like Ez Sox, we persevered until we found the right partner to help us in production. Our company vision for all our products is always quality and comfort, while making it fun and easy for our kids.  

We have been endorsed by Mommy and Me founder and developmental specialist Dr Cindy Nurick, author and OTRL Linsey Biel and the CBS TV show The Doctors. Our patented Ez Sox & Ez Undeez loop technology helps thousands of children with getting dressed every morning. 

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